Can You Smoke on a Party Bus?

In 2016, California legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Since then, what used to be an underground market became a full-fledged industry. For a time, some tour bus companies were even offering cannabis tours, the marijuana version of a brewery crawl or a wine tour. California lawmakers were even planning on allowing marijuana use on charter buses as long as every passenger was 21 and the driver was sealed off.

However, last year lawmakers banned the use of marijuana on commercial party buses.

Their reasoning was that, unlike alcohol, it was possible for marijuana smoke to affect the driver—even if the driver was sealed off. The seal between the passengers and the driver isn’t necessarily airtight, and there haven’t been any studies about whether marijuana smoke on commercial party buses could impair drivers.

It doesn’t look like smoking weed will be allowed on commercial party buses for a while. The bill that might’ve allowed for it would have required California Highway Patrol to inspect buses and limousines to ensure the driver had his own ventilation system, which would prevent marijuana fumes from getting into the driver’s compartment. Until that happens, no smoking weed on party buses.

What About Smoking Tobacco?

While smoking tobacco on a party bus is legal in California, we don’t allow smoking tobacco on our buses. The sealed environment of a party bus means cigarette smoke can be a little inconvenient for our clients. However, feel free to take a smoke break during stops on your private trip!

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