Why Your Next Outing Should Be a Party Bus Wine Tour

Clubs may not be open right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time with a small group of friends. One of the best ways to enjoy an outing these days is to plan a private wine tasting tour.

The advantages of a wine tour include:

  • It only includes an intimate group of friends
  • The tour is private and customizable to your taste
  • All staff abide by COVID-19 restrictions
  • Your friends can all get tested to ensure a safe time
  • The tour is always a first-class luxury experience

Unlike gatherings at restaurants or outdoor venues, a private wine tour offers a chance for you to control your environment. If you and your friends agree to get tested, you can enjoy a wine tour without fear. For a few hours, it’ll just be you, your best friends, and a few bottles of choice wine as you travel from vineyard to vineyard.

Book a Wine Tour with Party Bus LA

Our party planning experts have multiple wine tasting packages that are customizable, so you can craft the perfect experience—or just choose the package that suits you best! Our luxury buses are actually designed with wine tasting in mind, which ensures that you have a first-class experience from start to finish.

Choose a Vehicle for the Size of Your Party

Party Bus LA has a selection of luxury vehicles to choose from. We have luxury vans, SUVs, and buses of all sizes suited for parties of any size. Want an intimate tour with a couple of your close friends, or a gathering of bridesmaids for an upcoming wedding? We’ll have what you need either way.

If you’re planning on booking an outing in the future, Party Bus LA is offering special pricing for bookings in advance. Call us at (877) 484-2184 to ask about our wine tours and future bookings.