Socially Distanced Party Ideas for Your Company

Your hard-working employees deserve to be celebrated, but social distancing can make it tough to think of fun—and safe—ways to treat them to the party they deserve. Whether you’re open and operating now as an essential business or your employees are working from home, you can celebrate while still putting safety first.

You may not be able to take a limo or party bus to a celebration just yet, but virtual company parties are the safest way to celebrate, and we’ve got a few fun ideas to get you started.

Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Drinks after work—alcoholic or not—offer a fun and easy way for co-workers to get to know each other better. Host a virtual happy hour to let your employees blow off steam. Schedule a video chat and invite employees to visit from the comfort of their own homes with their favorite drink in hand. Depending on your budget, you could even have wine, beer, or other beverages delivered to each employee, or they can create their own concoctions based on fun ideas shared in a Slack channel or through another medium. Keep it light and have fun!

Try a Company Board Game Night

Board games offer a wonderful way for people to open up and have some fun. While we can’t play them in person right now, we can access vast libraries of board games online. Using websites like Tabletopia or Board Game Arena, employees can play from their computers while video chatting with their teams. Thousands of games are offered for free.

Send a Package & Host a Video Party

Another fun and easy idea is to send a “party in a box” to employees and then host a video party where everyone gets to open their box and enjoy its contents. You can find a variety of companies that sell themed parties in boxes, depending on what you think your employees will enjoy.

Host a Company Dinner, Online

For this idea, you can schedule a time for everyone to video chat while they eat dinner. You can have food delivered to each employee, depending on your budget, or you can have them cook their own meals. For home-cooked meals, each person may have fun sharing their recipe and showing others what they made. Either way, this opens the door for fun conversation and socially distanced time together while they’re not working.

Look to the Future

While you may not be able to attend any in-person celebrations right now, you can look to the future. Conduct a survey or talk to employees about party ideas they might be interested in as Los Angeles starts opening back up again. Setting targets and planning games can offer the incentive and element of fun everyone needs during these challenging times.

When you can go to restaurants for indoor dining, sporting events, and other parties, taking a party bus or limo offers that added element of luxury and fun that your employees deserve. Plus, you don’t have to worry about assigning a designated driver or finding enough rides for everyone.

We’re Ready to Take You Anywhere

As restrictions ease and when social distancing is no longer necessary, you and your employees can celebrate in person. When that happens, Party Bus LA is here to take you where you need to go—in style.