5 Myths about Party Bus Rentals

When you think of a party bus, what do you imagine? Not all party buses are created alike. At Party Bus LA, we offer state-of-the-art party bus rentals to private and corporate clients throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties. No matter your destination, we will proudly get you there in style. 

The next time you consider renting a party bus, don’t fall for these common myths. 

Myth #1: Party Buses Are Dirty 

This is an especially important myth to bust as we navigate the cleanliness standards set throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At Party Bus LA, we take extra care to provide the best possible experience for our clients, which includes deep cleaning between every trip to ensure a clean bus every time. 

Myth #2: Party Buses Are Expensive

Renting a party bus is a cost-effective way to travel in large groups, especially when the price is divided amongst the passengers. Why settle for a standard rideshare when you can afford to have fun along the way on a party bus? 

Myth #3: There Are No Rules on a Party Bus

Many people might assume that a party bus is a lawless place, but in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Party Bus LA follows strict reservation and cleanliness protocols, for example, in order to help you get the most bang for your buck. We hold our drivers and passengers to the highest standards to offer the safest - and most fun! - party bus experience. 

Myth #4: Party Buses Aren’t for Kids

We believe party buses are for everyone! From high school events, like prom or graduation, to birthday parties for people of all ages, renting a party bus is the perfect way to make the journey part of the fun. 

Myth #5: A Party Bus Is Only for Special Occasions

We only have two words to say to that: treat yourself! Who says you have to wait until a special occasion? Make the ordinary extraordinary with a party bus. 

The next time you need to get a group somewhere, travel in style! A party bus is one of the most unique transportation options for groups big and small looking to have a good time. Extend the party past the destination with Party Bus LA! Contact us today at (877) 484-2184 to learn more about how we can take your party bus experience to the next level.