The Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a Party Bus

Renting a party bus is pretty simple, but there are still a few things you should keep in mind. Some of them aren’t only for your convenience, but for your safety and liability too. Read our Do’s and Don’ts below!

DO: Ask Plenty of Questions

If you’re going to be driving around in a luxury bus, you should ask what condition those buses are in, how thoroughly and how often they’re cleaned, and even what vehicles are in the fleet. Ensuring that the party busy company has a fleet of modern luxury vehicles isn’t just to ensure you have a good time; newer vehicles are also safer.

Additionally, ask about the drivers: are they professional drivers? Do they have any accidents on their record? Are they property licensed?

If you’re renting a party bus, try not to rent one that was made before 2010. If you do, make sure it’s in immaculate condition. Party buses aren’t the sort of vehicles where you can go with a “vintage” option—newer is better.

DON’T: Bring Too Many People

If you’re renting a party bus that only fits 30 people, make sure you abide by that number. Every party bus is built for a certain weight limit and weight distribution, and going above that limit is dangerous. Your party bus company shouldn’t allow more than the allotted number of passengers anyway, but for your sake, don’t try to overload the bus.

In fact, you should plan your party around the size of bus your local rental company offers. If you have a party that’s too large to fit on a full-size, 55-passenger coach bus, it might be worth renting two party buses and splitting your party in half.

DO: Get It in Writing

Renting a party bus means both you and the rental company will have expectations. You’ll have expectations of service and accommodation, and they’ll have expectations of behavior and proper use of the luxury bus. Make sure if you agree on a deposit, rental price, and tip, that you get it in writing.

The agreement should also include terms for chilled beverages, entertainment, sound system, and other parts of the party bus experience.

DON’T: Hire at the Last Minute

Try to book a party bus at least a week before your event. If you only call a few days ahead of time, you may be forced to compromise on price (or even worse, on quality). Planning your event a couple weeks ahead of time ensures that you’ll get the best vehicle in the fleet, especially if you’re hosting a large party that requires the biggest bus.

DO: Be On Time

Since you’ll be renting by the hour, being on time means you’ll be able to get the most enjoyment for your money.

DON’T: Ask the Driver to Change Destinations

Your driver may not be authorized to change routes or destinations on demand (even if you ask nicely). If you do want to change destinations, just call us directly, and we’ll be able to arrange it with your driver.

DO: Respect Alcohol Laws for Minors

If you have underage passengers in your party, it might be tempting to sneak them a drink or two. Don’t do it! It’s for their safety and your liability that we don’t allow minors to drink on our buses under any circumstances. If there’s going to be alcohol, there must be a chaperone for any underage partygoers.

DON’T: Forget to Set Up Your Playlist

Party Bus LA’s fleet includes state-of-the-art entertainment systems that allow anyone to DJ with their phone and favorite music app. If you’re renting a bus with us, don’t forget to set up your best party playlist!

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