3 Creative Birthday Party Ideas Using a Party Bus

When we were kids, birthday parties were amazing. Bounce houses, bowling alleys, amusement parks, sleepovers, pool parties—no birthday party had to look the same. But then we hit our late twenties, and birthday parties all started to take the same shape: dinner at a nice restaurant, a few friends. Maybe you’d go out for drinks with the boys or the girls. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little planning and a little help from Party Bus LA, you can have a truly creative and memorable birthday party that the younger you would have gone crazy for.

Here are some ideas for fun and creative birthday parties (for adults)!

Idea 1: All-Day Spa & Bar Crawl

If you’re already planning on doing a night of drinking, why not spend your daylight hours doing a little bit of preventative self-care? Take a crowd of your favorite people and schedule a day of massage, relaxation, and cucumber water at your favorite spa. Korean day spas often include a restaurant, so you could even stay through lunch.

Then, once you’re all refreshed and hydrated, take your party bus out on the town to your favorite spots: a restaurant, a bar, a club—or even all 3!

Idea 2: Wine or Brewery Tour

Party Bus LA provides guided wine tours in and around Southern California, but you could also plan a list of your own favorite spots and make your own tour! Have a list of your favorite breweries? Make it a brewery tour. Our drivers will provide the luxury transportation while you and your friends sit back, sip wine, and enjoy yourselves all day.

Idea 3: Scavenger Hunt!

For the brave and bold among you, we present the Scavenger Hunt! Here’s how it works: you’ll have a set of pre-arranged spots around the city that our drivers will take you to. Once there, your friends (divided into teams) will have a list of challenges they’ll need to complete.

These challenges could include:

  • Take a selfie with a celebrity lookalike
  • Convince a group of strangers to sing happy birthday to you on camera
  • Take a shot with a bartender

The team to complete the most challenges before the time’s up is the winner of that round or location! Make the challenges as embarrassing or memorable as you’d like—after all, it’s your party!

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