5 Offsite Employee Appreciation Party Ideas

Employee appreciation isn’t just an annual holiday—it’s a year-round way of life, a way of not only showing love to your employees, but giving a chance for your team to get to know each other outside of work. Work parties are cool, but nothing matches the energy and fun of having an off-site party to celebrate big wins or huge milestones. 

And being in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of unique or fun outings available to groups of any size. 

Take Your Team to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Los Angeles is filled with actors and performers, which means we probably have the most performance-based entertainment available in the world. Not all of that performance takes place on a stage! Murder mystery parties are a chance for your employees to dress fancy and eat a nice dinner…but with a little bit of extra thrill thrown in. 

At a murder mystery dinner, your dinner party will be populated by colorful characters who will thread clues, plot twists, and backstories throughout the evening. Your guests will have a chance to interact with the characters, collect information, and attempt to solve the murder, or they can sit back and watch the show. A lot of the murder mystery troupes out there take a comedic tone with their parties, so don’t worry—solving a murder won’t kill your vibe.

Take the Team to a Dodger Game

There’s nothing quite so American as going out to a baseball game. The hot dogs, the beer, the shouting, the seventh inning stretch—a ballgame is a low-key but fun way for your team to hang out on your dime. What’s great about a ballgame is you can scale the experience to pretty much any kind of outing. 

Want a chill night with your employees? Buy some nosebleed seats and enjoy the game.

Want a night of partying in a private box? That’s an option too! 

Dodger Stadium offers a group discount for ticket buys of 15 or more, so check out their offers before buying tickets. 

Plan an Epic House Party

Who doesn’t love a house party? Beer, chips, burgers, TV, couches—for employees who are already tight-knit and friendly, a house party is all you need for a good night. However, we’re not in high school anymore. We can do house parties a little better these days. 

For instance, you can rent a truly epic house—someplace that can accommodate dozens of people. Don’t limit yourself to someplace local either. Get a beach house, or a luxury cabin, or anywhere else outside the city. You can even make it an off-site overnight party, if you feel like your team is up to it. 

Go to an Outdoor Movie Night

With warm climates, Los Angeles is absolutely spoiled for outdoor movie night options. In summer alone, there are multiple programs running that let folks pull up a blanket, eat some popcorn, and watch a movie under the stars. There are outdoor movie nights on top of bars, in the parks, or any other space under the stars.

If your team would be better suited with a quieter, more chill night (albeit with options to go drinking afterward), an outdoor movie outing might be the perfect way to show your appreciation. 

Take Your Company on a Winery Tour

This is the event your team will talk about for years. “Remember that time we…?” A winery tour is a classy all-day event with lots of space for conversation, bonding, and-of course—drinking. Whether you’re visiting a single winery or taking multiple tours, a winery day is an incredible way to bond with your team over good drinks and great scenery.

Plan Your Day—We’ll Get You There

While you could have everyone meet you at your offsite event, why waste that hour-long drive? Getting to and from somewhere is also a chance to party, hang out, and enjoy yourselves. That’s why a party bus is the best way to get your team to your offsite celebration. Party buses give everyone the chance to drink and loosen up from “work mode,” and they also provide a safe ride back to work once the celebrating is done. 

As our state reopens, book your party with Party Bus LA. Get a 20% discount off any future booking today!