Prom DOs and DON'Ts -- How to make sure you're the flyest kid at prom.

Ok. You've got the dress. You've got the tux. You've secured your date. And you've got the flyest ride in town. I would argue that's the easy stuff. Sure, you'll be concerned your dress is too weird, or your tux is too stiff, but prom is way more than just the looks. To be fly, it's about the attitude. It's about killin' it in all the small details that are often overlooked, so if you want to look fly AND feel fly, read up on these gems of advice to learn a thing or two.

The DOs

do Socialize!

Prom is all about socializing. Make sure you hit up all your good friends for a dance, some laughs, or some tasteful discussion about the tasteless outfit choices (let's not get mean, guys). But point is, everyone remembers the kid that got the party started. The kid that made everyone feel like they could have a fun time. So make sure you make your rounds and have some fun.

do Dance

I can't emphasize this enough. Dancing is so important! If you question your moves, hit up some classes before prom. But prom is just as much about the music and dancing as it is about the outfit and theme. So get your butts out on the dance floor and get down -- hopefully to the correct rhythm and beat.

do Pay Attention To Your Date(s)

There is nothing worse than securing a date and then being ignored! Make sure you pay attention to the person or people you came to the Prom with. If you show genuine interest in your date or group, you'll have infinitely more fun than that goober in your French class or the coolest kid in your Gym class. But this also brings me to the DO NOTs.


do not Smother Your Date

So I said pay attention, but not TOO much attention. You know that couple in the hallway that just won't get off each other? You don't want to be that couple at the prom. Even worse is being the one who won't get off when your date is desperate for space... or air! Make sure you give your date space to socialize and mingle and do some dancing on their own.

do not Act Like The Coolest Kid Around

There is nothing worse than the arrogant kid. The one who thinks they're better off than everyone else. You guys, the secret to being fly, is not knowing (or at least acting like you don't know) that you're cool. This also means not caring so much of what everyone thinks of you! Nothing is more unattractive than an arrogant and vain date.

do not Eat Your Bodyweight At The Buffet

This is not a tip on how to fit in a dress or tux. This is common sense, but often everyone ends up making the same mistake. The food looks good and you could eat as much as you want. But trust me: Eating tires you out, bloats you up, and makes it very difficult for you to get low. At my prom, i saw someone chuck up the pasta buffet 'cause they ate too much fettuccini Alfredo. Don't be the up-chucker.

Slay it at prom

So, put your tux or dress on. Get your hair done, and put on your dancing shoes. Get your little prom butts on the awesome Party Bus, be safe, and remember these tips to help you slay it at the prom.