Top 4 Crazy Cool Prom Themes, These Guys got it Right!

Prom season is upon us, guys, and for those who think they have the ideal prom scenario in their head, we'll have you know that others have steered clear of the beaten path when it comes to traditional prom night.

Many schools have decided to take things up a notch and make prom night even more memorable, so check out Top 5 Crazy Cool Prom Themes, These Guys Got it Right!

Great Gatsby Theme

The only thing we remember about the roaring 20s was the collection of great novels from classic American writers. The Great Gatsby is one of those books that we all remember from reading way back in High School and it is not only a classic but also a fun read. The book describes amazing scenes from Jay Gatsby's sumptuous parties and it is these parties that some schools have tried to depict.

Just pick one of the first scenes from the book where Nick describes Gatsby's life and how his parties were legendary. Don't want to reread? Then pick up Baz Luhrmann's 2013 film adaptation of the same name starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Neon Lights

If you're not into reliving a tragic 1920s tale (sorry if we gave away the ending) and are more into setting the stage for an epic dance party, neon lights might be up your alley. Neon lights are fun, inexpensive and easy to set up. Give out glow sticks and these seizure-inducing lights are sure to be the life of the party.

Bright lighting will be the key to pulling this off properly so if you're school has a theatre department; they're the go to guys to pull off this potential dance-packed evening.

Under the Sea

If you're running out of time and the budget is rather low, why not consider a theme that's been around since prom was invented? Under the sea, is easy, fast, inexpensive and you can pretty much buy most of your supplies in a single big department store. Blue balloons will be your best friend for this party, as well as any type of ocean themed bric-a-brac.

Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball is another great potential theme for this year's upcoming prom. With elegance and beauty written all over it, this theme will give your students the opportunity to relive 18th century France as well as multiple other castle themed balls. Use Edgar Allan Poe's, Masque of the Red Death, short story as a reference and have a blast. You can even channel many classic tales such as The Phantom of the Opera and even The Black Swan for make-up.

Having a special theme for this year's upcoming prom will provide your students with an amazing prom experience they won't soon forget and having the perfect entrance to the party can be equally as important. If you want luxury, class and the chance to feel like a celebrity while having an all out pre-party on board a moving vehicle, be sure to contact us about our lavish party busses. We're Los Angeles #1 party bus company and we're sure to be the icing on your perfect prom night celebration, contact us today!